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About Our Chapter

Our chapter, Alpha-Psi, is one of the oldest chapters around. It was started at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 1897 and was active on the UNL campus for 105 years. There are thousands of alumni from the Alpha-Psi chapter, including well-known professionals, businessmen, and politicians. 


After a temporary shutdown due to a lack of membership, Alpha-Psi was restarted in 2009 by a group of ambitious individuals, who have transformed the chapter into one of the largest and most successful in Nebraska. 


Today, the chapter continues to work to be the best fraternity at UNL and in the nation. In 2014 our chapter was recognized nationally as one of the top chapters in the nation by receiving the FACE award, only to repeat that in 2015. 

Our House

Kappa Sigma at UNL is a non-residential fraternity.  That means that members, including freshman, live in dorms or off-campus in apartments and houses.  It also means that our members are exposed to more other students and can more easily maintain their relationships with high school friends who are not members. 


Unlike other non-residential fraternities at UNL, Kappa Sigmas do have their own fraternity house.  "The Firehouse", as it is known, is located directly East of the UNL City Campus, at 2300 O Street.  The Firehouse is a historic fire station built in the 1920's, which has been renovated to include a main floor lounge and meeting area, a catering kitchen, a conference room, plenty of quiet study space,  a locker room, and parking area which serves as a back yard barbecue area and basketball court.  It's a great place for members to  meet, study, entertain, and hang out. 

The Executives

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